Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School

Today I became a student again. At 11:30, I went to my first course at IUSB. My hope is that this will lead me to become a Masters student next year. I'm taking Introduction to Statistics Theory in Economics and Business. According to my professor, it's as exciting as it sounds. He made it very clear that this was going to be a very difficult course, that he does not accept late work, that he will not provide extra credit, and that there will be NO going to use the restroom during class. I felt like I was in high school again hearing this man talk about "the real world" and "real deadlines". But the truth is, most of the students in my class are sophomores! 20 years old! It's true that they probably need to hear these things, but it just sounded so weird after having been in "the real world" for a few years myself.
After class I went up and spoke with my professor. Turns out, he's a really nice guy. He encouraged me to come to him with questions, answered all SIX of my questions today nicely and with confidence, and even said I could attend a 10 a.m. course on the same days of the week if it better suits my work schedule. He asked me where I work and about what I do. I think we'll get along nicely.
The main thing will be staying on top of the work. He told students that it would be best if this was their only class so that they could spend the 8-10 hours a week that this course requires. I was delighted, thinking "Hey! This IS my only class." But then I remember that I have my life to juggle - working, mommying, wife-ing. All wonderful things that I wouldn't trade for the world. Can you say balance!?!? I think my social life might take a hurting throughout this semester, but that's cool with me. Here's to growing up and learning about linear regression!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last weekend my mom and I went to Las Vegas. What an amazing time! We stayed at a beautiful hotel and got to see Garth Brooks in an amazing concert. I'm so lucky to have such loving parents that spoil me often. Here's a shot of my mom and I just before the concert. They wouldn't let us take pictures of Garth, but I SO wish I could have so that I can show you how awesome it was! Garth was funny, charming, talented, entertaining, ... I could go on and on. What a blast!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I took this picture of Jackson last night when we were playing outside. It was taken with my phone, which stinks, because I think if I'd had a real camera handy it would have turned out really well.
I'm starting classes at IUSB August 29th. I will be taking an introduction to statistics theory in economics and business. Y.I.K.E.S. I was not accepted into the Masters of Public Affairs Program, but if I do well in this course and a course in Political Science the head of the program said that he would take me. I think it might be nice to get my feet when in an undergraduate level course anyway. The good news is that I'll go on Mondays and Wednesdays over the lunch hour so I won't miss any time (at least for class) with my family. I'm sure that I'll have to take some time away from them to study, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

SOOOO looking forward to next week! My mom arrives on Tuesday night, Wednesday night DJ and I are going to see Sheryl Crow, and we leave for Vegas on Thursday! I can hardly wait. We're going to check out the sites on Friday and hit the pool and go out for a nice dinner. Saturday we're going to get massages and then go to the GARTH BROOKS concert Saturday night. Sunday morning it's brunch and then we head home! It will be a quick trip, but lots of fun. Looking forward to hanging with my mom so much.

Peace & Love,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summah Summah Summah Time

We had a really fun weekend. I took the day off on Friday to go visit my great friend Jeanine. We hadn't seen each other in 4 years and had never met each other's kids! Jeanine and Henry took us to the Indy Zoo and then we went out for lunch. It was a great day! We bounced right back to the way we used to be and had a great time. No more four-year gaps
Jeanine! Here are a few shots from the zoo. The highlight was seeing the 18-day-old baby elephant, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture.

Henry and Jeanine

Jack and the Penguins of Madagascar!

Henry & Jackson

When we got home from Indy, DJ was mowing hay so we stopped by to see him. Thought I'd grab a few shots of my cutie on his 4020.

The farmer and his boy.

On Saturday night we celebrated Jonny's 12th birthday. He took Jackson swimming, being the fun uncle that he is, and I snapped a few photos. It was so hot my lense was steaming up so the pictures are a little cloudy.

Love this one!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jackson's Two Year Photos

Our baby turned two on June 11th. I had a wonderful photographer capture these shots of him. Her name is Hannah Wright - she's a homeschooled senior and has already started her own photography business. I think she did an excellent job capturing our little cutie.


I tried the mocha cocounut latte at Starbucks yesterday and fell in love! This treat is a delicious way to start your day. There are real flakes of coconut sprinkled on top so you get to enjoy some coconut flakes with each sip. Yum! Thanks to my loving father, I am able to splurge on a Starbucks coffee every now and then - he keeps my Florida Starbucks gift card stocked up. I think he has a secret motive - every time I drink Starbucks I think of him. :)