Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Am Thankful

This year, I am especially excited for the holidays because I get to enjoy them with my little family. This year I am thankful for ...
- The excitement that Jackson experiences each time he sees or learns something new.
- My husband, who went and got me a chocoloate milkshake at 9 p.m. last night with no whip cream and two cherries. I'm not even pregnant (when this kind of thing would be much more common)!
- School. Yes, that's right, for school. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I'd be getting a B in a Stats course. It makes me feel proud of myself.
- My girl friends. Without these ladies, my life would be boring and without laughter.
- My home. While I"m always wishing that I had this or that for my house, I'm thankful to have a warm place to rest our heads and to raise Jackson that is close to friends and family.
- Flannel. I'm obsessed with it. Jackson has like 4 new flannel shirts for the winter.
- Pictures. I get so caught up in looking at old photos sometimes. They make me happy.
- My grandparents. Never have you met such fun and supportive people in your life. They are ALWAYS there for us!
- My job. I've been in my current position for a little over a year now and I am one lucky chick. The people I work with are INSANEly great!
- Airplanes - especially the one that will be taking me and Jackson to Florida in January. Counting the days.
- Uggs. I don't care if these ever go out of style I'm still going to wear them.
- God. For giving me so many blessings and for planning my life just the way he wants it.
- Wine. I've been drinking it regularly latey. Pinot Noir.
- Cousins. These people are my friends forever, even if I don't see them as often as I'd like.
- Brothers. We're all over the map, but get us in a room together and it's like the good times we had growing up all over again.
- Pinterest. Have you SEEN this website!? It's insanely addicting and fun. I. Love. It.
- Diet Coke. It's horrible for me but I can't give it up. Everything in moderation, right?
- My iPad. One of the coolest gifts I've ever received. Such a fun toy. DJ and Jackson would agree.
- My sisters-in-law. Growing up an only girl was fun/challenging. I'm thankful for my SIL's and their friendship.
- Fingerless gloves. These things are the bomb diggity. I have three pairs.

I'm thankful for so much. I might post more things I'm thankful for later. Happy Thanksgiving!!!