Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My friend Jess turned me on to these new Sally Hansen nail press-on things. I bought hte zebra print as you can see. Cute, huh?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jackson's "Moo" Birthday Party

On June 11 our baby turned two. Yes, two! I can hardly believe it. He is growing up so fast. We had both sides of the family over to celebrate his birthday and used a "moo" (Jack's favorite) theme. The party was a hit and we had a lot of fun taking his picture with everyone in cow noses and ears. Jack wasn't all too thrilled with having his picture taken so much, but overall I think he had a fun time. Thank you to our wonderful families for giving Jack so much love these past two wonderful years.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nate & Jenna's Wedding!

On Friday, my big brother got married. It was such a happy day and we are so fortunate to have gained an AMAZING new sister-in-law! I have always looked up to Nathan and I'm so happy that he's found his partner and best friend. We first met Jenna last year at Jackson's 1st birthday party and I knew right away that my brother felt like she was the ONE. Nathan and Jenna got married at the courthouse in Bloomington, IL at 12:30 on a Friday and we all (immediate family and a few aunts and uncles) celebrated after with a nice dinner at Michaels - a restaurant just around the corner. It couldn't have been a nicer day. Sometimes at weddings it feels like you don't really get to talk with anyone, but in this case, we all had such a nice time visiting and spending time together.
Nate and Jenna went to Key West for their honeymoon. Hope you guys have a GREAT TIME!

The happy couple!

Jack waiting for the ceremony.
Nate, Matt and Jennifer

Nathan and Jenna

Sally, Tess and Buzz

Jenna's sister Amanda and our brother Matt stood up with them during the wedding.

Dad, Mom, Nate, Jenna and Me at the afterparty.

Me and my new sister-in-law. Doesn't she look beautiful!

So in love!

Nate sent this photo to my dad on Sunday morning. Looks like they're having a great time in the Keys!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had so much fun this past Memorial Day weekend. It was so nice to spend time with family and to have a few days off. We went camping on Sunday with our cousins and aunt and uncle. Well ... sort of. I had been trying to talk DJ into spending the night in the camper all week so that Jack could have the full experience of camping. Finally, he agreed. But come Sunday night, DJ and I turned in around 12:30 from the campfire. All was good - we were asleep and Jack and Carter (our cousin that's 8 months younger than Jack) was asleep. At 2:30 or so, three people piled into our camper and woke DJ and I up. I laid there listening to them getting settled, and then the snoring began. I just couldn't do it - knowing that I would be worthless the next day with only a couple hours of sleep. In other words, I chickened out! DJ and I packed up our stuff, grabbed Jackson and drove home at 3 a.m. to finish our night's sleep in our own beds. Camping? Not quite, but we had fun anyway. :)

The next day DJ had to work, so Jack and I took showers (aaahhhh) and then met our cousins who took us out on their pontoon boat on Pine Lake in LaPorte. It was such a beautiful day! Jack wasn't sure what to think at first. His life jacket didn't let him move around much so he sort of just sat there with a scowl on his face for the first hour. But by the end of the day, he was having a blast running and jumping in the lake water. Here's a few photos from the boat.