Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Domestic Guru not

Lately I've been trying to do little things for DJ to make his life easier. He works so hard and pulls some long hours, so I've been trying to do things like make the coffee the night before so he doesn't have to when he gets up and packing his lunch when I know he's not going to go out the next day.
Now I'm not really the type of girl that feels "convicted" to pack my husband's lunch. It has always just seemed so unimportant when I have a full-time job, a two year old, and a life! I mean, he can do it himself, right? But certain events in my life recently have made me appreciate him and all he does for us. The life of a farmer's wife isn't always easy, but I'm definitely thankful for what we have and for how much he loves me and Jack and for how hard he works to build a future for us.
That said ... I haven't been doing so great in the dinner-making department. Unless I make a plan in the morning (and have all the groceries I need) ... which is rare ... I seem to just run out of time to make dinner. Not good. This means we eat a lot of frozen pizza and Subway. So tonight, I'm going to try to make a nice dinner for us - steak on the grill with scalloped potatoes and asparagus. Wish me luck.

Does anyone have suggestions for quick and easy dinners!?
Peace and Love,


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wildwood Here We Come

So two weekends ago our friends Joe and Kristy invited us to come up and spend the weekend with them. They have a camper (with an awesome double porch) near lake Juno in Edwardsburg. DJ and I spent a Saturday night hanging out with them and then had so much fun we took Jack up the following day to go out on the water. Well...
We had so much fun we bought a camper too! It's just a small resting spot for evenings and time between the water, but it's fun! Joe and Kristy have been introducing us to the folks at Wildwood campgrounds - most of whom spend the weekends up there. Everyone seems really friendly and there are definitely a few characters! Still lots of settling in to do, but we spent our first night there last weekend and everyone did great (Tucker too!). I'm so glad to have a little getaway spot for the weekends - it is fun to be out on the water and to spend more time with Jack and Deej.

In other news...
In just a few weeks my mom and I are going to Las Vegas to celbrate our 30/50 birthdays! I CAN'T wait! My dad really spoiled us and is sending us to stay at the Wynn. Neither one of us are into gambling but we'll have a lot of fun laying by the pool and oh yeah - going to see GARTH BROOKS!!!! I have wanted to see him in concert since I was little and babysat my cousins Ryan and Adam when their parents (Trace adn Ann) went to see Garth at the Joyce Center. My wish is about to come true. I think I might cry when I see him.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

Alittle recap of our lives over the past few weeks ...

I snapped this picture of my (not so) little boy sleeping last night. I can't believe how much he's changed just in the past few months. He's talking like crazy and saying things like:

  • Scuse Me!

  • Ew!

  • Farm Shoes (The shoes he only wears when we go to the farm - he loves them!)

  • Tucker jumped in da poo

  • What's dat?!

Everything is so exciting and wonderful to him and his reactions to everything make me so happy.

Fun at Aunt Dawn's
"Riding" the steer at the fair with Grandpa Reed.

Jack's first roller coast ride at the fair!

Not sure who's more nervous to ride the fire truck - Daddy or Jackson?

Riding the Bumper Boats at the fair. He wasn't too impressed.

Jack showing his dairy beef steer - he got 2nd place!

Jonny showing his dairy beef steer. He also got 2nd place in his class.

Jack L.O.V.E.S. his uncles, Jake and Jonny. He lights up whenever he sees them (and the feeling is mutual). :)

I turned 30 last Monday and my great friends Heather and Heidi had put all these signs and flags up in my front yard in the middle of the night before my birthday. So fun! Thanks girls!

In June we got to hang out with our awesome cousins Trace and Kendall while their mom and dad took older sister Carlee to a volleyball tournament in Florida. We had so much fun! Here's a few pictures from our trip to the zoo.

Riding the train. It was HOT!