Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy Birthday to my girls, Jess and Heidi! (Jess October 15 and Heidi October 16.) I love you guys and hope that you have a great birthday and a fabulous year ahead. Enjoy it ladies ... this will be the last year of your 20s!
Oh ... did I mention that I have TWO YEARS left of my twenties? I just wanted to make sure you both knew that.
Vegas here we come!
Here are a few of my favorite memories of each of you ...
  • You hopped around on one foot for DAYS when I broke my foot in 1st grade. Talk about being a GREAT friend.
  • Remember when we used to sneak out of your parents house through the garage window? What excatly were we sneaking out for? I don't remember doing much after we "broke out". Hee!
  • I will always remember winning the doubles bareback class with you at the fair.
  • Remember when a certain someone showed up at my house after a little vino tasting and DJ thought someone was trying to break in? I'll never forget the sound of your giggles as you skipped past my bedroom door at 2 a.m. :)


  • Every year in our yearbooks we would write, "let's go swimming at your house and riding horses at my house" ... yet, we never did it!
  • Windsor. So much fun. Remember this: "Citizenship?". . . "Yes."
  • Playing the drums on stage at The Landing. Yes, that's right folks, The Landing.
  • Tequila night with Woodlee!
  • Eating at the "good dorm" and watching the very last 90210 our Freshman year at Purdue


Heidi said...

Thanks Heather!