Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jackson and I went to the park a few weeks ago and I took some pictures of him walking along the river. They turned out really cute! I am so excited to have his 3-year photos taken professionaly next Saturday by Hannah Wright, the same girl who took his awesome 2-year pics. Still haven't decided if we'll be taking some family shots - eh - why not!?! Loving my hubby today - made me breakfast in bed. What a sweetie pie. I sure miss him this time of year (planting season). I am proably the only person I know who loves it when it rains! Rain = I get to see him! Lots of changes going on in the Mangold family. David is leaving for Afghanistan in June. Andrew is off to boot camp this summer. Josh is taking a new position in a different part of Afghanistan at the end of the summer. All these military men make me proud, but scared too. Praying that God keeps them safe! Busy but fun weekend this weekend! Wedding, bachelorette party, etc... It's gonna be fun!