Saturday, January 28, 2012


The other day I went back to a July 2009 post and read a post I wrote about a typical day in the life with newborn baby Jackson. It made me get all misty! I was so glad that I could go back and read those little Jackson'isms so I thought I'd do it again to help make some lasting memories now that he's 2 1/2 years old (31 months to be exact). So here goes ...

A few of my favorite things that Jackson says:
- That's mines! (Yes, "mines" is plural.)
- Mama, whatcha doooooin?
- I wake up! (This is our bright, cheery, ethusiastic greeting every morning around 7 a.m.)
- IIIIII do it. (Likes to do everything himself like a big boy these days.)
- Take a baf. (Take a bath.) :)
- Daddy workeeeeng.
- I jumped in da POO! (Translation: I jumped in the pool! He tells people this a lot as we just visited Nee Nee and Papa in Florida.)
- Baby hit me. (Jackson likes to tell on Katie, a little girl from the babysitter's, when she hits him. Sometimes I think the story might be reversed.) :)
- "Jackson what road to you live on?" - Me. "HickoREEEEE" - Jackson.
- "When is your birthday?" - Me, "June Elebbnen." - Jack.
- "How old are you?" - Me. "Two....two and a half." - Jack (Pauses EVERY time.)