Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jackson is 10-weeks old today! He's so much fun. He smiles at me like crazy every morning and has discovered his hands. He was staring at them this morning like "huh...what are these?" :)
We've had a busy summer and I'm behind on my blog posts. The picture above is my brother David with Jackson. David and Joe were here for 10 days in August. It was so much fun! They are great uncles and we had so much fun with them while we were here. I will post pictures of their trip as soon as I get a new memory card for my camera.
Last weekend we went to Lake Sweetwater in Brown County to my uncle Bill and aunt Marnie's lake house. We had the BEST time! It was so relaxing and their kids were so fun. Jackson went on his first boat ride and loved it! I think he's defnitely a water baby - grandpa Mangold would be so proud. :) Jack and I had so much fun that we are going back this weekend (sans Daddy). We will be joined by my grandparents, aut dawn and uncle jeff, their kids plus friends AND bill and marnie's family. It's going to be a full house but we will have a great time.
In two weeks my mom and brother Josh will be here. I can't wait for Jack to meet his uncle Josh. I think they'll be great friends. :)
Til next time ...


amberWIRE said...

Heather! My grandparents had a cottage on Sweetwater that I spent every summer at my whole life!! You gotta be kidding me! We're going down there in September for my Grandma's birthday - I can't wait to be back on the lake!